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IFCC – contest image

In a world of dolls there are those special one called “Wedding cake dolls”. Each pair have a wait time prior commissioned to look...


Updated characters and put them in the environment!

Wannabe Hero

“Hero” I am working on. He is super duper hipster wannabe hero that is all but heroic.

Introduced some paint layers. – 20.10.2013.


The custom car which turned out really good. The environment is all 3D.


Ride the snake, ride the snake To the lake, the ancient lake, baby The snake is long, seven miles Ride the snake…he’s old, and his skin is...

Native American Indian

Native american indian. He has gone through couple of phases until ended up looking like on first three  images in gallery.

Bentley 1928

Bentley 1928 – 3D model of a car i simply have to made.

“The Bentley 4½ Litre was a British car based on a rolling chassis built by Bentley Motors. Replacing the Bentley 3...

Jock D. – 2011.

Synopsis: Death. Don’t we all think about it every day? Well, probably not. But, most definitely, Death is thinking about us… Each minute, every day,...

Irony – 2009.

Synopsis: What happens when one win money and that money takes his thoughts away from life?

Old works

Old works gathered in one place.

Wife´s music

Songs performed by my Wife, Mirjana.

Music – but not my surname :)

Ok, please bare in mind that I am in no way responsible for reactions that occur after listening to this “songs” 🙂


Collection of animations done during all of my phases od learning, production etc.